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An independent adjudicator at MWSDES events are responsible for deciding the outcome of rounds, delivering the reasonings behind the adjudication, and providing constructive feedback for the learning of participants. Their role is to ensure that the competition is fair and follows the rules of competitive debating. They play a fundamental role in the learning process of debaters.

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Why Apply To Be An Adjudicator

Fair Compensation

Receive remuneration for every round you adjudicate

World Class Experience

Grow as an adjudicator when you judge high-level teams from all over the world

Giving Back

Help students learn and grow as competitive school debaters.


Perform well and gain opportunities to be on the Core Adjudication Panel at future events. 

  • High performing adjudicators will be given additional opportunities to become members of the Core Adjudication Panel at future MWSDES events, or an invitation to be Team Malaysia's national team judge at WSDC!

What Are We Looking For?

Educator Mindset

Adjudicators should provide a constructive and enriching learning environment for debaters.


Adjudicator should maintain a professional and respectful demeanor throughout the competition. They should be punctual and reliable.


Adjudicators should be fair and impartial towards all speakers from all backgrounds, and towards all arguments.


Adjudicators should have mastery of the rules of debate competition, and experience in adjudicating debate.

  • How do I apply as an adjudicator for MWSDES events?
    Fill out the application form with all your credentials! For each competition we host, you may complete a Quick Apply process on our website which will only require you to confirm your round-by-round availability.
  • What qualifications do I need to apply as an adjudicator?
    There is no strict requirement on what credentials are required! You will be asked to detail your top achievements in debating and adjudicating. The CAP will be tasked to determine the top applicants for each competition.
  • What if i am not available to adjudicate every round?
    You may indicate your round-by-round availability in the application form! You will be compensated according to the number of rounds judged. However, please note that the CAP may view applications more favourably if judges indicate that they are able to adjudicate all rounds.
  • When will i be notified if my application is successful?
    You will be contacted via email at least 3 days before the competition, or as early as 2 weeks before the competition day!
  • How do i secure a position as a member of CAP, or as Team Malaysia's judge in this process?
    In your user profile, you may indicate your interest to volunteer yourself as a potential CAP for MWSDES events, or as our national team judge at WSDC. Adjudicators who consistently perform well at MWSDES events will be contacted by our team to offer them future opportunities as a CAP or as our national team judge.

Become Our Ecosystem Adjudicator

You will be the first to know for the upcoming tournaments.

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