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Team Malaysia 2024 
Applications Are Closed.

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Applications will open in August 2024

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About WSDC Malaysia


The Ministry of Education Malaysia is the formal Team Manager of the national debate team as recognised by WSDC. Historically, Team Malaysia only attended WSDC when the conditions permitted it.


Beginning in 2011, the Malaysian Institute for Debate and Public Speaking was given the mandate to manage and train the national team, where Team Malaysia became a staple competitor at WSDC.

In 2019,  Nous Academy & Events was given the mandate to train and manage the national team where a team of first-timers ranked seventh at WSDC and ended as Octofinalists.


Nous Academy subsequently transitioned Team Malaysia to a newfound organisation named the Malaysian World School Debate Education Society (MWSDES), a non-profit organisation that would be continuing the good work from the foundations set by its predecessors. The year 2020 marked an era of new beginnings for Team Malaysia as MWSDES was given the long-term mandate to manage and train the national debate team.


Team Malaysia has gone from strength to strength in the last 11 years. Team Malaysia has broken into elimination rounds a total of 9 times. In 2015, Team Malaysia broke its ceiling for the first time by being the Quarterfinalists of the WSDC, and broke yet another ceiling by ranking 1st in the whole world in 2018. In the last 3 years, Team Malaysia has reached the Quarterfinals consecutively.

Team Malaysia Squad

Challenger Squad

The Challenger Squad contains the national team members, its alternates and those with a prospect of qualifying into the national team. Every year the Challenger Squad is composed of 5 national team members and 2 - 4 alternates.

Future Squad

The Future Squad contains young debaters with the potential to qualify as members of the Challenger Squad in future years. A Future Squad member must be from 14 to 16 years old. Every year we select between 10-12 individuals to be a part of the Future Squad.

Why Apply for WSDC?


Recognition by the Ministry of Education as the national debate team representatives of Malaysia


Fully funded participation to competitions as Team Malaysia on a monthly basis


Strong support systems for your competitive journey


Friendships that last you a lifetime and an experience that sets you apart from your peers!


Free consistent training by accomplished coaches


Access to high-quality debate resources


Global networking with highly-competitive peers


Opportunity to travel to other country

  • Eligibility
    You must have reached your 14th birthday, and you must not have reached your 20th birthday on July 2024. You must have been a full-time student in Malaysia in 2023 or you will be a full-time student in Malaysia in 2024. Non-Malaysians may apply as long as you are enrolled in a Malaysian school. You must not be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a tertiary institution. If you are enrolled in a post-secondary or a pre-tertiary program at a tertiary institution, you must not represent said tertiary institution as a debater in varsity competitions.
  • Passion & Ambition
    A love and vigour for debating is what will motivate our Team Malaysia members to push the extra mile and persevere!
  • Collaboration
    WSDC is a team sport, and we want our national team members to become a part of a strong support system.
  • Dedication
    Debating at the highest level in the world will require a significant time commitment, so Team Malaysia members will need to dedicate themselves to a consistent schedule of training and competition.
  • Sportsmanship
    Team Malaysia will be representing our country and demonstrate a strong level of professionalism, sportsmanship and respect for our opponents.

Application Steps

Step 1

Sign up to our newsletter and follow our socials. You will get an email when the next cycle opens.

Step 2

Complete the online application form by submitting your personal details, debate accomplishments and complete a critical thinking essay.

Step 3

Compete in the Open Tryouts if you do not have the debate accomplishments necessary to move on to the final selections.

Step 4

The Top 60 candidates will compete in the Final Selections whereby the Challenger Squad and the Future Squad will be selected.

*A selected number of individuals will pass and compete in the Final Selections based on the strength of their online application. 

*Individuals who have been accepted into former iterations of Team Malaysia will automatically qualify to the final selections, and will only need to fill in their personal details. 

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