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Train the Teachers (T3)

T3 has been designed exclusively for educators. This online program is dedicated to equipping teachers with the skills to conduct effective debate and public speaking classes for their students in their very own schools. Upon completion, educators will receive a certificate and various perks from MWSDES as to empower them and the students under their care.

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Why Train the Teachers?

Benefits for Teachers

Enhance Teaching Skills:
Acquire tools for effective debate and public speaking classes.

Improve one's own ability and critical thinking and communication skills

Minimizing cost:
Teachers can now start debate and public speaking clubs and training by providing beginner-level training in their school without having to hire external trainers until nescessary intermediate/advanced training.

Benefits for Students

Foster Critical Thinking:
Empower students with critical thinking to enable them to become responsible future members of our community.
Improves Communication Skills:
Empower students to responsively share their thoughts and ideas.


Upcoming Events

Join us for our next event for Train the Teachers.

Past Events

Event Details

Nov 18, 2023


Nov 18, 2023


9.00 aM - 4.00 PM


Online (Zoom)


Dr. Riasat Amin


Free Admission

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Event Gallery

Here are some pictures of our past 'Train the Teachers' event. Scroll down to download the event album.

You can download our event album here once it's uploaded.

Event Insights & Testimonials

The data is updated as of our last events on Nov 18, 2023.

Event Rating

Participants rated the event as
4.6 / 5

Level of Engagement

find that 'Train the Teachers' (T3) is very engaging.


"An amazing program in regards to debate from a to z!"
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