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Debate Activation & Revival Program

DARP, or the Debate Activation & Revival Program, is a unique series designed to empower students with the core skills of debating. Our program is dedicated to equipping participants with a substantial knowledge of critical thinking. Upon completion, students will be awarded with a certificate and exclusive perks from MWSDES.

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Benefits of Joining DARP 

  • Preparation for National & International Stages:

DARP offers a unique opportunity for students to prepare for national and international debating competitions. It provides the skills, knowledge, and practice needed to excel on both levels.

  • Platform to Join Malaysia’s National Debate Team:
    Exceptional students who participate in DARP may have the chance to join Malaysia's national debate team, representing their country on the international stage.


  • Enhancement of Debate Skills:
    Students can significantly enhance their debate skills, including persuasive communication, critical thinking, and research abilities.


  • Professional Development for Teachers:
    Teachers can expand their knowledge of debate coaching and judging, furthering their professional development.


  • Networking Opportunities:
    Both students and teachers can connect with like-minded individuals, creating valuable networks within the debating community.

Upcoming Events

Join us for our next event for Debate Activation & Revival Program.

Past Events

Event Details

Oct 20, 2023

Oct 20, 2023


8.30 AM - 12.30 PM


Online (Zoom)

Coach Sarah

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Here are some pictures of our past 'Debate Activation & Revival Program' event. Scroll down to download event album.

Event Gallery

You can download our event album here.

Event Insights & Testimonials

The data is updated as of our last events on Oct 20, 2023.


The program was easy to follow and informative.
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